Manufacturing Motocross Decals presents a unique set of challenges. We have really learnt a lot about this in our 9 years of being in the business. We have tested many different kinds of materials and haven’t stopped researching and looking for better material. South Africa’s best MX, Supermoto and Offroad racers have chosen us as their decal manufacturer, and our material has just gotten better.

We now use the most aggressive base in the MX industry. Its key strengths are high tack, peel characteristics and conformability. We have tested it, and know that there is no better. We now have a Premium Laminate that is the thickest we’ve ever used. It is designed specifically to withstand the rigors of motocross. It also offers a gloss that matches screen-printed products, as found on factory MX bikes in Europe and the USA.

Colours have never been so vibrant on SA soil.To top it off, we have the ultimate product to give you the factory look… Racestar Graffix GRIPPER material. Factory racers overseas previously used grip-tape from the skating industry, and developed their own gripper material. Made specifically for corners of number boards, airbox and radiator shrouds, you can be sure that when you have this on your bike, you will be receiving best protection, maximum grip and the highest quality custom decal set you can buy in SA.

Another first for Racestar is clear suspension and swingarm decals, as seen on factory bikes. Any colour you want, we can use, professionally. Our decals are machine cut, so no horrible edges and imperfections. Once cut, they are put in packaging designed by us at Racestar Graffix. Combine all of the above with the sickest design you can think of, and you have a world class product...