What is included in a standard package?

Decals are provided for the radiator shrouds, front and rear fender, number boards (front and sides), airbox, fork tubes and fork plastics and swingarms. You’ll also get 10 mini (6cm wide) number boards included for free. We are able to just do your number boards or an individual sticker if thats all you need. Our designs are kept for as long as possible, each customer having their own folder in our system, just in case you need a replacement sticker or want to print a duplicate at any point in time.

How long will it take for me to get my package?

On average, it takes us 1-3 working days to get the design done. Of course, this is dependent on how busy we are. At the start of each season we’re at our peak, which makes it harder for us to get your decals done as soon as we’d like. Once the design is done, we’ll email you a proof with a quote. In order for us to continue with the process, we need a 50% deposit, and once proof of payment has been emailed to us, we can print the decals, laminate them, have them machine-cut and then packaged within the next 2 working days. Once packaged, they can be couriered to you, or you can pick them up from us, when the decal set has been paid for in full.

If we are rushed to get an order out sooner, it then delays the decals for others who have ordered with us earlier. We charge an extra 15% if this happens.

How can I find out about prices?

Our prices differ based on your order. Different bikes have different prices based on the amount of material used to make the decals. There are added extras to a standard decal package that will add to the cost as well. To get your price, email info@racestargraffix.com with exactly what you would like to order for a free quote – and don’t forget to mention what bike the decals will be for!

I want something full custom, but I have no idea what I want – where do I begin?

It’s always a good idea to start off with the basics, colours and logos. Add borders, fades, stripes, florals, or any effect you can think of. You may find it easier to choose once you’ve gone through our photo gallery, or set of semi-custom kits. Feel free to look online at any specific images or themes, send some images to us with your order and we can try our best to replicate exactly what you want.

Can I only get decals if I stay in Joburg?

Although we have our business based in Joburg, we often do sticker kits for people all over South Africa, as well as countries like Australia and Dubai. There is no limit to where our sticker kits can go! We make use of courier companies who deliver the decals in a well-packaged, sealed Racestar Graffix box. The packages are given tracking numbers as well, so that we can find out where they are at any point in the delivery process. If you do stay in Joburg and find it difficult to get to us, the package can still be couriered to you. 

What extra costs are involved if I don’t live nearby?

We use FedEx and Fastway to courier our packages at the cost of the customer. Depending on where the package is going to and how soon it needs to get to you, the price will change. On average, our packages are delivered within the next day of being picked up by the courier company, and a standard package will cost you between R80 - R200. If you order larger products, like plastics, the price will then go up accordingly.

Semi vs. full custom: which option is for me?

We understand that it can be a costly and timely process to order a set of full-custom decals. We designed our semi-custom range to help riders who are unsure of what they want, as well as those who have a budget to stick to. The price for semi-custom kits is slightly lower than full-custom ones because less design time is required. You choose the design, and which colours you would like the design to be in, give us your race number and the logos you would like and consider it sorted.

For the riders who want decals fully customised to their own wants and needs, and for those who simply want a sticker kit nobody else will have, a full-custom kit is always best.

Why choose Racestar products?

Many hours have been spent researching and looking into the best materials. The idea behind this has not been to try save money or cut costs, but rather to provide you, the rider, with something that lasts, and something that looks good. Our materials are imported as well. We know from experience that there’s nothing worse, or more frustrating, than a sticker kit that starts off with bright colours, and after a few moto’s or washes, you’re left with something different, something faded or a sticker kit that’s coming off. We take pride in the materials we use and enjoy seeing riders walking away smiling, even if its after the 21st moto.

I want a decal set and MORE! What else is there for me to choose from?

If standard is not how you roll, add a set of rim tape to your decals. You can print parts of your sticker kit in metallic or neon, or add chrome to areas of the bike that aren’t too curved. There’s always the option of getting custom pit gear made as well, with Racestar Enviromats and styling customised gazebos.  We also offer a variety of bling parts for your bike – check out our ‘Products’ section to see what else you can order!

How can I make my decals last?

It’s difficult for us to guarantee that your decals will last for a set amount of time, but when riders ask us this, we always offer Gripper. It’s added to certain parts of the decals, in places prone to wear and tear. There is no set period each decal kit will last you – every rider has a different style, some are harder on their plastics than others.

Another way of ensuring your kit will last long is by applying it correctly. Before you apply the stickers, make sure the plastics are clean and dry. If the plastics are new, its best to take a scourer to them first – this gets rid of the top layer on the plastics and makes the decals stick much better. Using a heat gun around the curves and edges will help keep these areas neat and prevent the sticker kit from peeling off when you ride. In cold weather the decals don’t seem to stick as nicely, so if you can, leave the bike in the sun for a while once the stickers have been applied, or use the heat gun a little more. You can also purchase a ‘Cleaning & Application’ kit from us.

If your plastics are worn or broken, the chances of the decals adhering nicely is affected. Because of this, we’ve started offering sets of new plastics as well. This means you can get new plastics, an awesome decal set, pit wear, and bling for your bike all in one place – no more shopping around!

Are there any up and coming specials and where do I find out about them?

We come up with a range of semi-custom kits for every year. Occasionally, when an event comes out like MXON – we may design a special edition set. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what comes up as well!

If the net doesn’t suit your individual needs, we will have a stand set up at most of the Motocross and Enduro races, where you will be able to meet the team, buy casual wear, see some of our decals, flick through our catalogue, or fill out an order form.

I have a road bike – can I still get decals?

We can customise and stick any bike or car. That’s not the problem. We need to make a template first, and we usually do this by getting the bike here and making templates ourselves. This ensures accuracy – designing templates from a picture over the web is not ideal! If you are unsure whether we may or may not have templates for your bike, it could be an old model or something unusual, just pop an email to info@racestargraffix.com with your bike details and we’ll get back to you. Usually if we need to make templates it adds about a day to the whole process.

I suck at sticking my decals onto my bike – HELP!?!

Sticking bikes is not as easy as it seems. We set up some instructions with photos on the site to help. If you’re still stuck, and live in Joburg, we are able to stick the decals on for you. We charge an extra R250 for this service, provided that the bike is brought to us clean and without any old stickers or decals. Sticking bikes is something we do here – so that we have all of our handy tools with us, and the process is effective in terms of time and money. In busy seasons, if we need to stick bikes as well, this adds time to the process. For safety reasons it’s up to you, the rider, to get the bike to us, and to fetch it.

I want a million logos and more, what’s the limit?

It’s usually ideal to select 7-10 logos for your sticker kit. The reason for this is, the more logos, the smaller they end up being and the busier the design of the kit, which often ends up unsightly. If you have more than 10 sponsors, its best to select the most important ones and then put the smaller ones on the rear fender – where there’s more space for logos.

Also, because of copyright, we are not allowed to produce or replicate Red Bull decals. We adhere to their rules and regulations quite strictly – doesn’t matter if your grandma’s uncle’s sister’s child has a sick Red Bull kit you want to replicate, unfortunately it’s just one of those things. We provide Red Bull sticker kits only to riders who are part of the Red Bull team.

The KTM logo is also bound by copyright rules and regulations. What this means is, if you need the KTM logo, we are able to do this for you, but the kit needs to be designed and sent to KTM Austria for approval before it can be printed and sent to you. We cannot guarantee approval – you may need to be a rider for the KTM team or go though one of their factory outlets for this to happen. We are in the process of getting our semi-custom KTM kits approved, which will then be an easier option. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or check our website, when this is set in stone, you’ll be the first to know!

Will the Racestar logo be included in my set of decals?

If you’ve been through our photo gallery, you’ll see on each of our kits, the Racestar logo appears.

I’ve already stuck my decals and they don’t fit 100% here and there – what now?

Our templates are usually made by hand on each set of plastics to ensure the best fit. Unfortunately, it’s not always up to us to stick them. When applying a sticker, it can often be put on a little skew, and it just won’t fit right. Not to worry – try heating the decals up with a heat gun a little and stretching them carefully in places. Trim any overlapping areas with a Stanley knife. If this doesn’t solve the problem, or you still aren’t happy, we deal with any complaints personally. Just email us, call us, or send us a photo and we’ll look into it.

So I’ve customized my bike already – and now I’m hooked. What else is there for me to customize?

In terms of cars, it’s always a lot trickier. Templates are not difficult to come by, but if the car needs to be wrapped, it’s a lot of surface area to cover. Because of this, we design the wraps ourselves but outsource the application to prevent bubbles and folds when sticking such a large sticker. We often make and apply smaller stickers for cars, instead of wrapping the entire car, as a means of advertising or just so that everyone on the road knows who you are and what you’re about.

We also do sticker kits for your phone. If we don’t already have the template for your specific phone, we will do our best to make a sticker kit that fits. It’s easier to make the template when we have the phone as opposed to a photo or online image which cannot represent curves.

We also make laptop and Ipad sticker kits, which are fully customised. We’ve done XBOX and PS3 stickers, as well as remotes. GoPro stickers, helmet stickers, bicycle or BMX decals – the list is endless!

For any other queries, complaints or quotes email info@racestargraffix.com , and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Our working hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.